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Letters to Santa Claus – the Home for Single Mothers in Łódź

This year, the Duval Foundation received lovely letters addressed to Santa Claus, and since we believe that He brings the dream presents, we decided to make the kids’ dreams come true. A lot of hard work, but the kids’ smile and happiness are priceless. For single mothers, Santa Clause brought some cosmetics.

Letters to Santa Claus – the Home for Single Mothers in Łódź2020-04-21T14:25:07+02:00

New kitchen for the Orphanage in Ostrołęka

The Duval Foundation funded the renovation of the kitchen and bought kitchen units, cabinet and table with chairs for the kids in the Orphanage in Ostrołęka.

New kitchen for the Orphanage in Ostrołęka2020-04-21T13:55:49+02:00

Winter Footwear for „Otwarte drzwi” (Open Doors) Association

The „Otwarte drzwi” Foundation asked us for help to buy winter footwear for kids and youth in foster care in the vicinity of Warsaw. Duval Foundation bought 16 pairs of boots.

Winter Footwear for „Otwarte drzwi” (Open Doors) Association2020-04-21T13:51:19+02:00

Bath towels for Zabłudowo

We have found out that the Janusz Korczak Children’s Orphanage in Krasne is in need of bath towels for their kids. Duval Foundation bought 52 colourful towels which were sent to Zabłudowo.

Bath towels for Zabłudowo2020-04-21T13:49:14+02:00

Table Tennis Bats and Draughts for Szczutowo

One of carers from the Children’s Orphanage in Szczutowo placed information about the need to get table tennis bats and draughts for kids participating in sports competitions at their website, at www.domydziecka.org.pl. Duval Foundation resolved to support the centre and young sportspeople. We bought the necessary items and we are looking forward to see the kids’ success come true.

Table Tennis Bats and Draughts for Szczutowo2020-04-21T13:46:34+02:00

Onco-Olympics 2016

Over one of August weekends, the sports facilities of Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw hosted the 6th International Sports Games “ONCO-OLYMPICS 2016” for children suffering from cancer. The games were organised by the “Fulfilled Dreams Foundation” in co-operation with their partners and sponsors, and for the third time with the Duval Foundation. Besides the financial contribution, which has already become a tradition, the staff and friends of the Duval Foundation joined in as volunteers during the few days’ event, this time taking care of the Romanian team. The participants were children and youth from 15 oncology centres in Poland and five other European countries: Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine. The „ONCO-OLYMPICS 2016” gathered the total of 180 contestants. As usual, this Onco-Olympics was a very touching moment and tremendous experience for us. [...]

Onco-Olympics 20162020-04-21T13:43:27+02:00

Single Mother’s Centre – Skierdowska 2

We are very sensitive to the extremely poor living conditions of mothers and children staying in the Single Mother’s Centre in Warsaw in 2, Skierdowska Street. We buy food not only for the festive seasons but whenever we have time – we buy things and drive to Skierdowska where they throw the door wide open to welcome us.

Single Mother’s Centre – Skierdowska 22020-04-21T13:36:43+02:00

Children’s Orphanage in Szczutowo

In June 2016, we again supported the Children Orphanage in Szczutowo, this time we bought footwear and school basics for kids. The Children’s Orphanage in Szczutowo announced us as their sponsor.

Children’s Orphanage in Szczutowo2020-04-21T13:34:03+02:00

Playground in Grójec

To help the kids living in foster care or substitute care forget the hard times in the County of Grójec, and to heed to the request of the County Assistance Centre in Grójec, Duval Foundation had again given a helping hand and founded a kids’ playground.

Playground in Grójec2020-04-21T13:31:14+02:00

Coach from Kutno to the Tricity

Duval Foundation founded a coach for a week-long trip for 30 Kids from the Special Educational Orphanage in Kutno. The youth went from Kutno to the Tricity where they again had another coach which took them to see the landscapes and Pomerania.

Coach from Kutno to the Tricity2020-04-21T13:28:08+02:00