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Gifts for the Association “Kids” in Swiebodzice

The Association provides comprehensive help to handicapped children. At the request of "Kids" Duval Foundation delivered high quality educational toys and a special bed for massage and rehabilitation.

Gifts for the Association “Kids” in Swiebodzice2020-04-18T16:01:42+02:00

Holidays with dreams

Duval Foundation supported the joint action with Fullfield Dreams Foundation with the amount of 10 000 PLN.

Holidays with dreams2020-04-18T15:57:45+02:00

Purchase of rehabilitation beds for the hospital in Grojec

Duval Foundation has bought and delivered 6 rehabilitation beds with outfitting for the needs of Neurological Ward in the County Medical Centre in Grojec.

Purchase of rehabilitation beds for the hospital in Grojec2020-04-18T15:51:57+02:00

Children’s Day in the hospital in Litewska St in Warsaw

Traditionally Duval Foundation has decided to buy gifts for small patients at Litewska hospital on the occasion of Children's Day. Each hospital patient has received a nice gift from us. We would like to express our special thanks to Mrs Malgorzata Rogalska and her husband who gave us their wedding presents such as plush toys and books for children to pass it on to the children in hospital at Litewska.

Children’s Day in the hospital in Litewska St in Warsaw2020-04-18T15:48:54+02:00

Online newspaper of the dreams

Duval Foundation in cooperation with the Foundation supporting Warsaw Region has organized a competition for the best online newspaper. Pupils and sociotherapy students took part in the competition. Our Foundation has sponsored the prizes for all the participating young people: tens of tablets. The award ceremony was held at the headquarters of the Spokesman for the Child Protection Mr Marek Michalak. Linda Sztyller handing awards

Online newspaper of the dreams2020-04-18T15:43:03+02:00

Social Welfare home „Słoneczny”

On request of Social Welfare Home „Słoneczny” in Warsaw, Duval Foundation has founded disinfestation of the premises. Thanks courtesy and generosity of Johnson & Johnson we have also delivered to the Home cosmetics and hygienic articles as well as some clothes and several juice makers.

Social Welfare home „Słoneczny”2020-04-18T15:34:50+02:00

Orphanage in Kielce

At the request of Small Children's Home in Kielce, Foundation has given hygienic articles for children, again, thanks to courtesy and generosity of Johnson & Johnson company Foundation has also purchased winter clothes, jackets and oberwała for children.

Orphanage in Kielce2020-04-18T12:32:40+02:00

Christmas at Orphanage in Winiary

Foundation has purchased and delivered plates, juice makers, pots, sleeping bags and sports equipment, cosmetics and many more Christmas presents to the Orphanage in Winiary. All cosmetics were spinsored by Johnson & Johnson.

Christmas at Orphanage in Winiary2020-04-18T12:29:55+02:00

Christmas in Hospital at Litewska Street

Duval Foundation has handed Christmas presents for all little patients in children’s Hospital at Litewska Street in Warsaw. Linda Sztyller - President of the Duval Foundation at Christmas shopping for all patients of Litewska Hospital

Christmas in Hospital at Litewska Street2020-04-18T12:37:32+02:00

Santa Claus presents for Orphanage in Trzemiętowo

One of the Christmas Actions of the Duval Foundation was buying gifts such as: multimedia players for each child in the Orphanage in Trzemietow as well as many other presents such as clothes and toys.

Santa Claus presents for Orphanage in Trzemiętowo2020-04-18T12:25:42+02:00