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Visit in Łódz

We set out for Lodz to meet our Children in the Home Hospice. We took the medical equipment with us that the hospice was much in need of i.e. oxygen concentrator and electric aspirator. In the nearest future the equipment will be used by the 11-year old Agatka. We also popped in to see Partyk who suffers from pemphigus, an immune disorder, who indulged himself in the sweets we brought for him! Linda Sztyller of the Duval Foundation gives the medical equipment to the Home Hospice for Children from Lodz region Patryk. “Danio” cream cheese and “Grzeski” bars are his greatest delicacies! Agatka,  11

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Po imprezie charytatywnej, którą zorganizowaliśmy 16-07-2005 dzięki naszym przyjaciołom z klubu Stalowe Magnolie w Krakowie, postanowiliśmy pomóc Zespołowi Placówek Opiekuńczo Wychowawczych Nr 2 z Krakowa. W budynku Zespołu Opiekuńczo Wychowawczego niedawno wybuchł pożar. Na szczęście nikomu nic się nie stało, ale straty materialne są duże. Przekazaliśmy na rzecz Placówki kwotę 5.000 PLN na remont po pożarze. Fragment Placówki po pożarze


They wrote about us

„Evening with Conrado Moreno. Children from the Warsaw Orphanage No 1 will not forget the evening of 13th April 2005. Duval Foundation has organized for them The Spanish Evening, full of surprises, dancing, treats and joy. Spanish evening is the first in a series of educational and cultural meetings which Duval Foundation will organize in the coming months in selected Warsaw orphanages. The aim of such meetings is not only to provide children with attractions and joy but above all to zoom them with knowledge about the history, culture and sites with limited access. Children were delighted with Conrado Moreno who on everyday life can be seen in TVP2 program "Europe is like able". Their favorite actor from that program vividly talked about Spain, sang songs in his native language, organized competitions, danced, wore children on his shoulders and even to the delight [...]

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Orphanage in Giżyce

On the 19th of April 2005 the Foundation have visited the Orphanage in Gizyce. The children received lots of sweets and presents. Foundation has also signed Donation Agreement for 10 000 PLN for the refurbishment of the bathrooms in the orphanage.

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„Spanish Evening”

Duval Foundation has organized an educational-cultural meeting in Children's Home in Warsaw. It was supposed to provide attractions and joy, also bringing knowledge about the European Union, culture and history of the various countries. Flowers, oranges, Spanish music and dishes, charismatic dancers, competitions with prizes, professional dancers teaching children cha-cha and samba and a wonderful showman and presenter Conrado Moreno - this is the easiest summarizing of the Spanish evening. There was no end of shouts of joy and fun! At the end of this fantastic and great success meeting - Katarzyna Romanowska of Villa Nuova restaurant - sponsor of a Spanish buffet - has served great dishes typical for the Spanish cuisine. Dyrektor Domu Dziecka - Pani Teresa Skudniewska [...]

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Christmas 2004

In December 2004 we organised fund-raising for two Warsaw-based Children’s Homes. We started with Maryna Falska Children’s Home (Dom Dziecka) No.1, by donating PLN 5,000. Thanks to our donation, the residing children have new winter wear! We were also invited to a magnificent Christmas Eve, in which we were delighted to participate! Have a look at the pictures of the kids and their beautiful outfits! We also helped the “Kolo” Family & Child Support Centre to enjoy this Christmas. We made huge shopping for all 90 children residing at the centre. We bought Christmas presents, the most wanted items such as anoraks, warm tops and trousers, hats and scarves and the fun items such as toys and children stories on DVD. The presents were given to the kids during the Christmas Eve celebration. To view the [...]

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