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„Wspólnymi Siłami” Society

Foundation Duval had the pleasure to support a summer holiday camp for a group of children from the poorest families and from Single Mother Welfare Home.

„Wspólnymi Siłami” Society2020-04-17T10:15:55+02:00

Nappies Initiate

Duval Foundation has organized a „nappies” campaign, the object of this action was to supply nappies and sun protection creams for one of a number of the small child Orphanage (up to 3 years), House of Baudouin Priest in Warsaw for their summer holiday at the sea side.

Nappies Initiate2020-04-17T10:12:02+02:00

„Przyjaciel” Society

Duval Foundation has this time involved in the organization of the inaugurated concert and sponsored prizes for the charity lottery and has purchased outfits for the performing children of the „Przyjaciel” Society, Handicapped Children and Youth Care. As a result of the help of the Foundation Duval it was possible to purchase stage uniforms for members of the musical section of the Society.

„Przyjaciel” Society2020-04-17T10:05:46+02:00

Medical equipment for new born babies

For the second time Duval Foundation has endowed medical equipment for the New Born Ward in Nowy Tomyśl Public Hospital. We bought the „warm nest” this time.

Medical equipment for new born babies2020-04-17T09:58:01+02:00

Fitting of the computer class

Foundation handed over computer desks for the computer class at the Handicapped School at Rehabilitation Centre in Konstancin.

Fitting of the computer class2020-04-17T09:49:16+02:00

Christmas Eve in Dębinki

Representative of Duval Foundation and a special guest-Marcin Smoliński (Legia Warszawa football player) have visited the Orphanage in Dębinki, everyone received Christmas presents.

Christmas Eve in Dębinki2020-04-17T09:44:05+02:00

Santa Claus

Duval Foundation has endowed Christmas presents for children and their mothers of the Single Mother Welfare Home in Warsaw.

Santa Claus2020-04-17T09:38:03+02:00

Topolski in the National Museum in Warsaw

With the participation of the Duval Foundation donation the National Museum in Warsaw has been able to organize the exhibition of the distinguished Polish painter – Feliks Topolski. An exhibition of the Artists paintings took place between 13th to 30th September.

Topolski in the National Museum in Warsaw2020-04-17T09:32:33+02:00

Children’s Day

Foundation Duval was celebrating 1st of June with children from the pathologic families. The Foundation has endowed presents of sweets and installed a swing in one of the children’s club „Alladyn” in Praga Warsaw.

Children’s Day2020-04-17T09:26:42+02:00

New born ward

Duval Foundation has immediately responded to the request for medical equipment for the New Born Ward in Nowy Tomyśl Public Hospital. Foundation has bought and delivered the Monitor with Pulse Oximeter and Artefact Suppression for the intensive care unit.

New born ward2020-04-17T09:19:43+02:00