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Single Mother’s Centre – Skierdowska 2

We are very sensitive to the extremely poor living conditions of mothers and children staying in the Single Mother’s Centre in Warsaw in 2, Skierdowska Street. We buy food not only for the festive seasons but whenever we have time – we buy things and drive to Skierdowska where they throw the door wide open to welcome us.

Single Mother’s Centre – Skierdowska 22020-04-21T13:36:43+02:00

Children’s Orphanage in Szczutowo

In June 2016, we again supported the Children Orphanage in Szczutowo, this time we bought footwear and school basics for kids. The Children’s Orphanage in Szczutowo announced us as their sponsor.

Children’s Orphanage in Szczutowo2020-04-21T13:34:03+02:00

Playground in Grójec

To help the kids living in foster care or substitute care forget the hard times in the County of Grójec, and to heed to the request of the County Assistance Centre in Grójec, Duval Foundation had again given a helping hand and founded a kids’ playground.

Playground in Grójec2020-04-21T13:31:14+02:00

Coach from Kutno to the Tricity

Duval Foundation founded a coach for a week-long trip for 30 Kids from the Special Educational Orphanage in Kutno. The youth went from Kutno to the Tricity where they again had another coach which took them to see the landscapes and Pomerania.

Coach from Kutno to the Tricity2020-04-21T13:28:08+02:00

„Small Shoe for the Black Brother”

Duval Foundation, via Private Primary School No. 41 in Warsaw, joined the "Small Shoe for the Black Brother" campaign to help kids in mission countries of Africa. We purchased shoes for kids under the patronage of the mission section from Tarnów.

„Small Shoe for the Black Brother”2020-04-21T13:24:32+02:00

Children’s Orphanage w Wielgie

Duval Foundation often raises funds for supporting the needy. This time we reached Educational Orphanage in Wielgie. We bought and sent presents with the daily cosmetics for body care for all Kids.

Children’s Orphanage w Wielgie2020-04-21T13:21:51+02:00

Furniture for the County Children’s Orphanage in Szczutowo

To heed to the request of the authorities of the County Children’s Orphanage in Szczutowo, whom Duval Foundation had already helped several times, we bought furniture, which is now standing in the kids’ rooms. These were beds and study desks and chairs for all kids. We hope to have helped create good conditions and atmosphere for homework and leisure.

Furniture for the County Children’s Orphanage in Szczutowo2020-04-21T13:10:40+02:00

A TV set for Dołubowo

In March 2016, Duval Foundation received a second hand TV set yet still in good working order from a friendly company. The TV was given to the participants of the Occupational Therapy Workshop in Dołubowo.

A TV set for Dołubowo2020-04-21T13:08:20+02:00

Christmas and Easter in Kotowo

This has almost become our tradition that Duval Foundation founds a large portion of Christmas and Easter food for the Kids cared for by the “Pomagamy będącym w potrzebie” (We help the Needy) Association in Kotowo.

Christmas and Easter in Kotowo2020-08-30T13:30:32+02:00

AMP Futbol Cup 2015

Duval Foundation has already donated cash to AMPFUTBOL team to help organise an international competition for amputees, AMP FUTBOL, and we were also one of the sponsors of the Polish team in the World Cup in Mexico! In the picture: Linda Sztyller from Duval Foundation, her daughter Sonia and AMPFUTBOL contestants during the international competition in Warsaw.

AMP Futbol Cup 20152020-04-21T13:02:25+02:00