Evening with Conrado Moreno.
Children from the Warsaw Orphanage No 1 will not forget the evening of 13th April 2005. Duval Foundation has organized for them The Spanish Evening, full of surprises, dancing, treats and joy.
Spanish evening is the first in a series of educational and cultural meetings which Duval Foundation will organize in the coming months in selected Warsaw orphanages.
The aim of such meetings is not only to provide children with attractions and joy but above all to zoom them with knowledge about the history, culture and sites with limited access.
Children were delighted with Conrado Moreno who on everyday life can be seen in TVP2 program “Europe is like able”.
Their favorite actor from that program vividly talked about Spain, sang songs in his native language, organized competitions, danced, wore children on his shoulders
and even to the delight of all he presented how the real bullfighter move.
Another highlight of the evening were dance shows: paso double, chia cha, rumba and samba. Children had the opportunity to learn basic dance steps. They also got beautiful gifts including Polish-Spanish phrase books, football t-shirts and shorts,, jewelry, handbags etc. Children have also tried delicacies of the Spanish cousins.
The Spanish Evening was an unforgettable experience and a good dose of learning.

More on the activities in Foundation website: http://www.duval.waw.pl