Professional ping-pong table for children

Duval Foundation has funded a professional Ping-Pong table SPONETA S7-22i for the Orphanage in Sieborowice, near Krakow.

Professional ping-pong table for children2020-04-18T10:53:57+02:00

Children’s Hospital in Warsaw (Marszalkowska/Litewska)

Our friendship with Children’s hospital at Litewska Street in Warsaw has brought up our another purchase of the medical equipment for the emergency ward. Seen on the picture: Founder of Duval Foundation Mark Duval (second from the left) and Linda Sztyller from Foundation with the Hospital Staff

Children’s Hospital in Warsaw (Marszalkowska/Litewska)2020-04-17T12:54:29+02:00

Gifts for a Nursery School in Zabki

Thanks generosity of the company Express Handel Bez Granic, who delivered a lot of colourful dish-sets to our Foundation, we gave them to the children in a non-public Nursery School in Zabki.

Gifts for a Nursery School in Zabki2020-04-17T12:50:14+02:00

„U Siemachy” Association

Duval Foundation transferred the amount of 10 000 PLN to donate children’s therapeutic holiday trip from Kielce to Odporyszow. Stowarzyszenie “U Siemachy” is providing a complex work with children and youth, as well as their parents. Association’s therapeutic institution in Kielce takes care of about 200 families in town.

„U Siemachy” Association2020-04-17T12:47:42+02:00

Children’s Clinical Hospital in Warsaw at Marszalkowska/Litewska St

This hospital and it’s youngest patients need urgently our help. In July Duval Foundation bought a necessary medical equipment: 1.A syringe pump Alaris Asena GW 2.A volume pump Alaris Asena GW We also wanted to make the children’s dreams come true. The youngest patients of oncology and hematology wards received dvd’s, mp3, mp4, tous, books, films, games. The Foundation’s idea was also to put colorful paintings on the common room walls (creation of the artist Daria Pelchen who has also presented her painting to the Hospital).

Children’s Clinical Hospital in Warsaw at Marszalkowska/Litewska St2020-04-17T12:43:23+02:00

Kid’s day with Sławek Foundation

In cooperation with Fundacja Sławek, aiming to support young and adult people leaving prisons and custody, also their families in difficult financial situation, Duval Foundation has provided special presents and organized an event for the prisoners’ children at Rakowiecka St in Warsaw. This was a very unique entertainment and show with actors and clowns. Apart from this we presented parcels of toys, sweets and clothes to the prisoners’ families in penitentiaries in Białołeka and Bemowo in Warsaw. Linda Sztyller (Duval’s Foundation) with the President of Fundacja Sławek, Mr. Marek Łagodziński

Kid’s day with Sławek Foundation2020-04-17T12:38:10+02:00

Assistance for the institution „Hope” in Żychlin

Duval Foundation delivered food, sanitaries and other most necessary articles.

Assistance for the institution „Hope” in Żychlin2020-04-17T12:31:56+02:00

A dog-therapist, laptop and much more – Assistance for the Hospice in Lodz

Once again Duval Foundation has decided to help the Children Home Hospice „Gajusz” in the Lodz region. Apart from delivering gifts such as sanitaries, napkins, clothes and medical equipment, we have managed to make children’s dreams come true. Martynka’s dream was to have a labrador-dog. A puppy called Tosca is her best friend now and Duval Foundation sends her regularly dog food. Patryk’s dream was to have his own laptop. With greatest pleasure we presented it to him at his home. Patryk could not believe it is a real computer, not a toy! Patryk with Linda and Mikołaj from Duval Foundation

A dog-therapist, laptop and much more – Assistance for the Hospice in Lodz2020-04-17T11:52:20+02:00

LCD-screens for the orphanage in Gostynin

Thanks to the Duval Foundation the Orphanage in Gostynin has been equipped with three new, big LCD TV-sets.

LCD-screens for the orphanage in Gostynin2020-04-17T11:41:29+02:00

In memorial of Feliks Topolski

Duval Foundation is supporting financially the „Topolski Memoir” located in Great Britain.

In memorial of Feliks Topolski2020-04-17T11:38:57+02:00